Angry Birds - Rio

Angry Birds - Rio

Find the right angles to free your fellow birds
Launch your bird at the correct angle and with the right amount of force to hit the bird cages and free your compatriots. Try to get the perfect score in each of the increasingly more difficult levels.

Like its former version, Angry Birds - Rio follows the concept of slingshotting birds at structures to destroy them. The game includes 60 challenging levels, with difficulty increasing level by level. You are being given different kinds of birds to use as projectiles, which differ in weight, size and power.

The way you can complete one level is either by brute force, destroying any obstacle on the path to the caged birds, or by hitting the weak point of the structure, which will eventually produce a chain reaction of destruction. The number of birds to be saved increases and their location gets harder and harder to get to. In order to achieve the goals you must make use of both your angry birds and your brain.

Angry Birds - Rio features, like its previous versions, some funny, cartoony-like graphics and sounds, which will increase the dose of amusement provided.

The fact that you have a limited amount of birds, and the way in which the "obstacles" are positioned, makes Angry Birds Rio a logic game which can be used both for training your brain and for relaxation. It is recommended for both adults and children.

Dennis Niels
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  • Funny game sounds
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